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Wall cladding & its advantages

Cladding refers to adding a protective layer to the walls or thewall covering, which safeguards and provides aesthetic value to the buildings. Thewall claddingmarket has matured over the years, and research is continuously on for new and innovative methods of thewall claddingsystem.

Stonewall claddingusingnatural stone,woodenwallcladding, brickwall cladding, rock wool insulation,metal panels, ceramic, fibreglass cladding, vinylwall cladding, stainless steelcladding,mosaic andfibre cementcladding are some of the most exploredwallcladdingoptions.

Materials like glass, stone, wood, metal/ACP have always been the preferred choice forexteriorwall claddingfor over a decade. But now, with the evolving industry dimensions along with thefunctionalitystandpoint,cladding materialssuch as Exterior GradeLaminates, Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Metal Claddings (Zinc, Copper, and Steel) are creating a healthy wave in the market. Builders are consciously adopting green screens, wood-plasticcomposite material, exteriorwall tilesand otherdrywallcladding systems for the many advantages they carry. The focus now is on eco-friendliness, flexibility,easy installation, thermal efficiency,durability, energy renewability, reliability andsustainability.

The advantage withwall claddingis itsaesthetic appealas well as itsfunctionality. The solutions for exterior and interior wall cladding are quite different.

On choosing the rightwall panels, you not only add elegance to your walls, but you will be defining the character of your building.

Using the most appropriatecladding products is a sure-firesolutionto -
Right building material and appropriate installation is the key tosustainability.

In modern times, every building should focus onsustainabilityand energy efficiency.