Premium durable partition system for restroom, made from interior grade panels of FunderMax, which are high-pressure laminate (HPL) manufactured to standard EN 438 that are produced in laminate presses under high pressure at high temperature. They are particularly suitable for demanding and functional applications.

Max Resistance² is a duromer high pressure laminate (HPL), produced in laminate presses, under high pressure at high temperature, in accordance with EN 438-4, type CGS. Due to its scientifically developed, double-cured polyurethane acrylic coating, Max Resistance² stands up to the toughest tests – unaffected by solvents, most acids and the harshest chemicals. Easy-to-clean and disinfect and at the same time wear and scratch resistant, this innovative material significantly extends the life cycle of your laboratory work surface.

FunderMax Star Favorit panels are melamine resin laminated flat-pressed panels of type MFB in compliance with EN 14322 and 14323. In their standard implementation, they are produced from E1 P2 chipboard and resin-impregnated decor films. Star Favorit panels are suitable for interior applications for all types of carcass furniture in apartment and commercial buildings.