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Max Exterior from Fundermax, is a highly durable exterior wall cladding product that is constantly undergoing further development to ensure both of these aspects can be depended upon. Just as the range of rainscreen applications is becoming increasingly diverse, so the range of decors is also achieving continually new dimensions in terms of nuances and variety.

Now you can even choose your very own individual decor for your rainscreen cladding so that you can really express your creativity. FunderMax exterior wall cladding collection remains true to its success factors and, whatever decor is used, will always stand for consistent protection and uncompromising strength. As a contemporary, cost effective rainscreen facade it is resistant in the face of all external influences.

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M.look is an architectural facade panel with heavy duty, reinforced glass fiber, predominantly mineral, non-combustible core with a highly weather resistant decorative surface. The decorative surface is characterized above all by high scratch resistance, light fastness, impact resistance, anti-graffiti properties, ease of cleaning and hail resistance. Properties tested in accordance with EN438-2.

The greatest degree of freedom and creativity in fire-resistant material for architecturally limitless ideas. m.look Exterior stands up to even the most adverse weather and environmental influences and skillfully combines the required safety with style. m.look Exterior decorates buildings like a fine piece of clothing - inside and out. And all the while, it resists exterior influences without complaint. m.look is suitable for all applications that must adhere to the reaction to fire classification of A2-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1, combining the desired safety with style.

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