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How Green is your cladding?
According to a study done by Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, currently buildings account for more than one-quarter of the total greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). If we are to mitigate the effects of having more buildings on the environment, gree...
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5 best exterior wall cladding solutions
Today, more than before, exterior wall cladding has become a necessity. The cladding systems and materials are meant to serve the aesthetic aspect and be functionally sustainable and easy to maintain. While creating functional designs, today's building faca...
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10 New-Age Facade Materials in India
The construction industry is ever-evolving. Facades which have always been an important aspect of a building from a design standpoint, have also been through a major overhaul. In India, architects today are combining the latest advances in materials with cu...
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10 Most Prominent Green Buildings in India
The building construction industry produces the second-largest amount of demolition waste and greenhouse gases (35-40%). The major consumption of energy in buildings is during construction and later due to lighting, water heating and air-conditioning system...
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Evolution of facades
Facades have been an integral part of any building shell for the number of tasks they perform to enhance the functionality. From a design standpoint, the faade sets the tone for the rest of the building. The importance of facades has increased in recent tim...
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Efficient facades for hospitals
Healthcare design and architecture has evolved over the years and is constantly adapting to the changing needs. In terms of its functionality, rather than just improving the health condition of the patients, hospital architecture should aim at providing the...
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Modern-day Internal Wall Cladding
The modern internal facades are designed to add colour, texture, aesthetics and enhance the building functionality. The exterior and interior claddings are equally important but, the solutions are different owing to their functionality. The products...
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Facades for the Post-Pandemic Worlds
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the course of action in almost every facet of our lives. From education to work-life to social life, we were forced to adapt to the new normal. The pandemic and rapidly accentuating influence of climate change have now coincide...
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Cladding for Tall Structures
Cladding for Tall Structures The concept of high-rise buildings was introduced in the United States in the 1880s due to the increased land prices and density of population. The term originally applied to high-rise...
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Wall cladding and its advantages
Cladding refers to adding a protective layer to the walls or thewall covering, which safeguards and provides aesthetic value to the buildings. Thewall claddingmarket has matured over the years, and research is continuously on for new and innovative methods ...
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