Delighting customers through its esteemed partners with Exceptional Service and Creating Iconic Buildings of Sustainable Designs & Character being Innovative and Unique!


FunderMax – “For people who create”

Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always to be found at the interface between ideas and materials. We understand architects, processors and the furniture industry – as well as the genuine decision-makers: your customers.

FunderMax India, leader in architectural products for interior and exterior applications. With over 32000 SKUs offering high design freedom. FunderMax panels can also be customized via CNC cutting into any motifs that the architect wants, without losing out on the aspect of sustainability of the complete system.

‘Give your buildings character’ by artistically enhancing the aesthetical appeal of the building. FunderMax panels provide a high degree of design freedom ‘for people who create’.They improve the life and sustainability of a building by adhering to green building standards.

FunderMax has been providing character to buildings in India since 2007; having executed more than 12000 projects across Corporate, Hospitality, Residential and Retail sectors using rear ventilated façade system. We have also developed standardized installation systems which are made for India, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in the Indian subcontinent, and launched a host of decors. The entire system is long lasting, easy to maintain and easy to clean. We have designed shading systems like Max Lato heeding to the market demand, and launched a rivet less soffit system called FS01. Recently, we have also introduced Max Cabina, a durable partition system for restrooms.

We are a complete solution provider, supplying not only Max Exterior and Interior panels but also FunderMax developed installation system. A network of trained & experienced ‘FunderMax authorized Business Partners’ across the country, supports the installation of complete system at site.

We think about the issues , we develop the products and we create them. Our strength lies in well thought and wood-based materials and compact laminates. We see ourselves as a production facility, a service partner and a design laboratory. Only because we are highly competent in all three fields can we make top-class performance a matter of course.

FunderMax India regularly participates in CSR initiatives, independently as well as in collaboration with NGOs and other bodies. We have provided support to underprivileged students in many schools, provided free panels to facilities serving the needy and contributed to PM cares fund during the COVID-19 pandemic, among many other support to the society.

What’s new

Max Lato

Sun shading system as functional attire for built spaces

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Max Cabina

Premium durable partition system for restrooms

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Rivetless soffit system

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