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Exterior wall Cladding,High Pressure Laminate

What is HPL?


HPL is the short form of High Pressure Laminate. In general terms people call it Decorative Panel or Exterior Panel that is used for front and exterior elevation. HPL is self supporting high Pressure laminate with decorative surface that is suitable for exteriors. It is fade resistant and weather proof.It is entirely made up of layers of Phenolic Resin and impregnated craft papers with top decorative layer and UV protecting film. Want to know more click here.





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What we do?

"We in Delhi and all around Delhi provides Composite Panels ,Wall Panels,Decorative Panels that is High Pressure Laminate. This High Pressure laminates are Suitable for the following Purpose:

  • Elevation for house ,
  • Elevation for office,
  • Elevation for Commercial building,
  • Elevation for Malls etc.


Decorative Wall Panels :


Exterior HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panel, further we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our self as engaged into exterior Cladding in Delhi as well all around India. HPL could be used for :-


  • Facade sheathing
  • Partition walls
  • Commercial construction
  • Building Cladding
  • Residence Exterior
  • Railing Application
  • Gate Application
  • And for many more purposes....

"We in Delhi,Noida,Gurgaon and all around India provides Products and Services related to Exterior Wall Panels,Exterior Elevation, Exterior wall Cladding,Wall Tiles and Exterior Front Cladding with Special type of Designed Craft paper (HPL) that is not possible through Wood Composite Panel or Aluminium Composite Panels With 100% Client satisfaction . We are complete Facade contractor". Please log on again for latest updated Elevated Projects.

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